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Chaplain Services for Cancer

The pastoral care chaplains at the Cardinal Bernardin Cancer Center know their terrain well. With objective hearts and ears they initiate patient relationships to quickly understand their needs and the needs of loved ones. Our chaplains use their experienced understanding of oncology to help patients and families explore the questions and emotions that may surface during treatment.

As part of the oncology team, chaplains many times act as a consultant to the medical staff, relating the significance of a patient’s specific religious or spiritual needs and how they may affect their illness and recovery. They can be liaisons, facilitating ethical and family consults and communicating thoughts and educational needs to doctors and nurses that patients may not be able to voice.

Loyola chaplains are on-call from the hospital to listen and provide spiritual support through the ups and downs of diagnosis and treatments. They are here to provide a spiritual framework for patients and families as they navigate the fears and changes and accept their faith as a source of strength and hope to help them find meaning and peace.

For patients in the high dose therapy unit or the day hospital, the Catholic Mass is available from Sunday through Friday on Channel 4 at noon and taped Protestant worship services are available every Sunday at 11:30 a.m. on Channel 4.