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Your Acute Rehabilitation Unit Team

Your team of specially trained rehab specialists is likely to include the following:

Physical medicine & rehabilitation physicians, also known as physiatrists (pronounced fizz ee at’ trists), evaluate the cognitive, physical, recreational, social, vocational and occupational function of impaired patients. They diagnose problems and develop rehab treatment programs that help restore lost function.

Registered nurses help the team plan, coordinate and manage treatment. They provide patients and families with the nursing care, education and support they need to set and reach goals for achieving their highest level of functioning.

Physical therapists provide evaluations, rehabilitation and treatment for a variety of conditions that affect overall movement and the ability to walk Occupational therapists evaluate patients and provide therapy services focused on tasks and movements associated with daily living.

Speech/language pathologists evaluate patients who have difficulties with communicating, cognitive function and/or swallowing and provide therapy services.

Social workers help patients and families access the resources they need during treatment and plan their discharge from the hospital to home or the next level of care.

Dietitians evaluate patients’ nutritional needs and eating difficulties to develop plans that ensure proper nutrition during rehab and after discharge from the hospital.

Neuropsychologists evaluate and treat patients who have brain injuries that result in problems with memory, behavior or/or mood.

Patient-care rehab technicians help patients accomplish personal tasks, such as eating, bathing and dressing, which may be difficult to do on their own.

Recreational therapists provide treatment, education, and recreation services to help patients develop and use their leisure time in ways that enhance their health, independence and well-being.