The William G. & Mary A. Ryan Center for Heart & Vascular Medicine houses one of the top-rated cardiovascular programs in the country.  The dedicated facility on our Maywood campus brings Loyola University Health System's heart and vascular specialists together under one roof, helping our doctors better collaborate on patient care and treatment options. We also facilitate lifestyle changes and genetic counseling for family members who are at risk for heart and vascular disease.

Patients enjoy improved access to cardiac testing areas as well as heart and vascular specialists. We provide a comprehensive range of services, including: 

Hybrid OR

In 2011, Loyola University Medical Center opened an advanced hybrid operating room that combines the imaging capabilities of a cardiac catheterization lab with the sterile environment of a conventional operating room. The hybrid OR lets physicians do procedures that may require minimally invasive and open-surgery techniques simultaneously.

Cardiovascular Imaging

Loyola offers cardiovascular patients state-of-the-art technology for echocardiography and nuclear imaging, along with newer imaging technologies including computed tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance imagery (MRI) scans. With advanced software, we are able to produce 3-D images of the heart with extremely high resolutions. These noninvasive diagnostic techniques can make the difference for better clinical outcomes.

Cardiovascular Interventional Lab

Cardiac and peripheral vascular procedures for pediatric and adult patients are performed in three cardiac catheterization suites. We offer a range of catheter-based treatments and diagnostics, including angiography, stents, rotablations, intravascular ultrasounds, atrial septal defect closures and much more.

Electrophysiology Lab

Loyola has remained at the leading edge of technology for treatments of heart rhythm disorders. For example, we were the first hospital in the Chicago area to use a magnetically guided catheter, which offers physicians more precision for reaching challenging parts of the body. Other procedures available include tilt table testing, radiofrequency ablation and pacemaker implantation.

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