Michele Cho
Michele Cho
Pediatric Gastroenterology
Ronald McDonald <sup>®</sup> Children's Hospital
Board Certifications
Pediatrics - General Cert: American Board of Pediatrics
Wilfond,B. S.; Magnus,D.; Antommaria,A. H.; Appelbaum,P.; Aschner,J.; Barrington,K. J.; Beauchamp,T.; Boss,R. D.; Burke,W.; Caplan,A. L.; Capron,A. M.; Cho,M.; Clayton,E. W.; Cole,F. S.; Darlow,B. A.; Diekema,D.; Faden,R. R.; Feudtner,C.; Fins,J. J.; Fost,N. C.; Frader,J.; Hester,D. M.; Janvier,A.; Joffe,S.; Kahn,J.; Kass,N. E.; Kodish,E.; Lantos,J. D.; McCullough,L.; McKinney,R.,Jr; Meadow,W.; O'Rourke,P. P.; Powderly,K. E.; Pursley,D. M.; Ross,L. F.; Sayeed,S.; Sharp,R. R.; Sugarman,J.; Tarnow-Mordi,W. O.; Taylor,H.; Tomlinson,T.; Truog,R. D.; Unguru,Y. T.; Weise,K. L.; Woodrum,D.; Youngner,S.The OHRP and SUPPORT The New England journal of medicine 2013 ;368(25):e36
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Medical School
Chicago Medical School/Rosalind Franklin University of Health and Science
Children's Hospital of Los Angeles, Pediatrics
Children's Hospital of Los Angeles, Pediatric Gastroenterology and Nutrition
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