Dr. Kevin Polsley talks to WJOL about importance of vaccines

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Dr. Kevin Polsley talks to WJOL about importance of vaccines

Dr. Kevin Polsley, a Loyola internist and pediatrician, treats all ages at Loyola's Center for Health at Homer Glen. In an interview with WJOL radio, Dr. Polsley explains the importance of vaccines for both children and adults. 

Physicians know that vaccines work and are an important part of preventative medicine. "We've seen over the past 20-plus years the amount of (people) - especially kids - that get sick with certain types of bacterial illnesses rapidly diminished ..." he said.  "There are some (illnesses) now that our residents that are in training to be pediatricians haven't even seen - and I haven't even seen - and that's a direct effect of vaccines."

He talks about studies on vaccines, state guidelines and the recent outbreak of pertussis, or whooping cough, among other viral infections.

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