Medical Weight Loss & Surgical Weight Loss

How to lose weight with Loyola

Free Informational seminars

Get on the path to weight loss at the Loyola Center for Metabolic Surgery and Bariatric Care by attending or viewing one of our informational seminars. These seminars are free to attend and open to anyone, and every surgery candidate must attend one. At our in-person seminars you will meet the program coordinator, our experienced bariatric surgeons and the other members of our weight-loss team. You will learn about the potential benefits of the surgery as well as some of the potential risks and complications. These in-person seminars are held several times a month and give you all the information you need to make a decision about weight loss surgery. They last about 50 minutes and you will have a chance to ask questions about the process during and after the seminar.

Learn more about our seminar schedule.

Convenient online seminars are also available and can be viewed at home on a computer.

Insurance coverage

Some health insurance plans, including Medicare, may cover bariatric surgery and related medical care. One of the challenges for bariatric surgery patients is getting approval for the procedure from the insurance provider. We strongly recommend that you confirm this beforehand. Learn more about insurance requirements.

If you plan to go through your health insurance for coverage of the surgery, we will help you verify:

  • Your policy can cover weight loss surgery
  • Your health insurance is covered with Loyola University Health System
  • Any specific criteria that you will have to meet for you to receive coverage

Medical evaluation

You will receive a thorough medical evalauation involving questionnaires and in-person evaluations, including:

  • Regular physical exams with our medical staff
  • A psychological assessment to examine behavioral and lifestyle issues that may come with the surgery
  • Individualized nutrition counseling
  • Additional specialty consultations, if needed
  • Supervised exercise in our specially equipped fitness center
  • An optional meal replacement program
  • Support groups

We will likely include several other medical evaluations, including an EKG, X-rays, blood draws or a pulmonary function test.

Medical weight loss program

The medically supervised weight-loss program at Loyola is directed by our bariatric physicians and features one-on-one help from weight-loss experts.

The surgery itself
Surgery for weight loss, commonly called bariatric surgery, is seen as an important tool for losing significant amounts of excess weight. We offer three kinds of bariatric surgery at Loyola:

The different surgeries meet different needs of our patients, and you and your doctor will decide which is best for you. In nearly all cases, these surgeries can be performed laparoscopically – a minimally invasive procedure that is completed with small incisions and allows for a quicker recovery.

Your life after the surgery

After your surgery, you will make permanent changes in your lifestyle, your thinking and your diet. You may not be able to eat some of the foods you love, and you may need to take vitamin supplements. Further, you may see changes in your relationships. If your friendships and social life have centered on food, you may have to make adjustments.

Loyola’s bariatric team will help give you the tools to maintain your weight loss and deal with the challenges you will face. The aftercare that is part of our program includes clinic appointments for the rest of your life, and support groups for as long as you want them.

These support groups are an essential component of both the medical and surgical programs. You can draw on the expertise of the members of our bariatric team. And you will have a chance to exchange stories and insights from other people who are traveling the same road that you are.  Learn more about post-surgical support.



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