Free Weight Loss Seminar

Getting Started

At the Loyola Center for Metabolic Surgery & Bariatric Care, we want you to get started as quickly as possible on your path to weight loss. Whether you feel ready to start a Loyola weight loss program now or are unsure about what path to take, you can learn a lot – and get answers to your questions – at one of our free in-person or online informational seminars. Both seminars discuss the risks of medically significant obesity and how the Loyola medical weight loss program can help.

The in-person seminars last about 50 minutes and give you a chance to ask our doctors any questions you may have about medical weight loss options like a gastric bypass or gastric sleeve.

Our online seminars are designed to be convenient and just as informative. With Adobe Flash Player on your computer, you will be able to watch a program of about an hour in the comfort of your own home. Afterward you may wish to attend an in-person seminar or simply schedule a medical evaluation.

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