Weight Loss Services

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Our Services

Let us design a treatment that is right for you. While people who want to lose weight have a lot in common, each person is unique. You have your own personal goals and desires; your own way of dealing with life; your own health history. We work hard to understand those differences and respond to them. That is why we offer multiple types of bariatric surgery, plus a medically supervised weight-loss program. In consultation with our experts, you will make the final decision on the treatment program that meets your needs.


The Loyola Center for Metabolic Surgery and Bariatric Care provides weight-loss treatments you can trust. Our team has specialized bariatric expertise and can call on state-of-the art medical facilities. Choosing Loyola means choosing a trusted, nationally recognized academic medical center. We are committed to caring for your body, mind and spirit.


Call (800) 355-0416 to speak with a representative or sign up for one of our free informational seminars.



Call (800) 355-0416 to
speak with a representative.

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